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Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning in Victoria & Throughout Vancouver island Residential & Commercial Services

Gutter Cleaning

Regular gutter cleaning is a crucial part of regular home maintenance in Victoria . Gutter cleaning removes all leaves, dirt and other debris from your gutters to ensure proper draining. Our trained technicians will clean your gutters by hand and always use standoffs to ensure we don’t dent or scratch your gutters while cleaning them.

Water and your house don’t mix, the purpose of a gutter system is to help water get away from your home as quickly as possible. Leaving your gutters clogged can cause problems with water flowing back towards your home and leaving unsightly stains down your walls or getting into your walls/attic – creating much larger problems. While up the ladder or on your roof our experienced technicians know what to look for and will alert you of any potential issues.

When you call, don’t forget to inquire about our roof cleaning and moss removal services. While we’re on your roof we an greatly improve the life of your roof and the curb appeal of your home.


Inside Gutter Cleaning

Our technicians hand clean your gutters, ensuring to remove all built up debris in your gutter system. Once leaves and other large debris have been removed, we will flush your gutters and downspouts of all grime and other small debris if it’s required.

After completing the cleaning of the gutters, we’ll inspect the areas we worked in and be sure to clean up any dirt that may’ve fallen. We always leave your property looking better than when we arrived.

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Daycare Cleaning Services

Our certified cleaners will do more than just clean your Day Care space, they’ll make it sparkle! If you’re looking for the best Day Care cleaning, look no further.

Power Washing

We can power wash almost any surface: Driveways, Patios, Siding, Fences, Parking lots… just to name a few.


Regular gutter cleaning is a crucial part of regular home maintenance in Victoria . Gutter cleaning removes all leaves, dirt and other debris.

construction Cleaning Services

Once the dust has settled and you’re almost ready to move in, contact Five Star Cleaning to schedule your post construction or renovation cleaning. We’re experts in eco-friendly construction.

window cleaning services

We have been in the business since 2003. We specialize in offering homeowners and professional services of a full-time window cleaning staff.

janitorial CLEANING services

We offer a wide variety of janitorial services. Contact us today for all your needs and we can arrange to meet and get you a free quote for anything you need!

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